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Which oil should I use in my blower?

This can depend on the manufacturer, system and ambient conditions.

This question has several answers and depends on the manufacturer and model of the blower along with location and ambient conditions.

Most manufacturers have their own recommendations for what oil (and grease if required) that should be used in their blowers and we recommend that you check with the OEM which oil they advise for use in your blower and for your application.

Generally if the ambient inlet air temperature is no more than 25oC and the blower operates intermittently  for less than 16 hours a day; we would normally use ShellMorlina ISO 220 mineral oil.

If the temperature is higher or operates for more than 16 hours a day then a higher grade of oil should be used.
Some manufacturers recommend synthetic oil including:

  • Aerzen
  • Ingersol Rand
  • Hibon
  • Dresser (some models)

Always check your OEM maintenance manual.

PLEASE NOTE: if the blower takes air from inside an acoustic enclosure; the ambient air temperature is measured where the air enters the blower.

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