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In Spring 2018, Pedro Gil SL announced that S and A Engineering Services Ltd will be the official aftersales support for the UK and Ireland. The Pedro Gil company is a long-established European manufacturer with a good presence and reputation in Europe, North America and the Far East. S and A Engineering Services Ltd have many years' experience with positive displacement blowers.

We are an independent company, so have always dealt with a wide range of manufacturers, including Pedro Gil. We aim to bring this manufacturer: which is well known across mainland Europe into a more prominent position within the UK and Irish market. It is also of benefit that existing Pedro Gil customers will now have a point of contact based in the UK.


Support for Existing Customers

Existing customers of Pedro Gil can now contact a local UK based office to assist with their equipment from spares to repairs and maintenance.

Services Offered

We can overhaul, repair and provide on-site maintenance for existing Pedro Gil units and provide technical support.

We are also able to provide suggestions for blowers and packages for your new or existing system.

Tri-Lobe Blowers

The Pedro Gil blower range "RNT" uses Tri-Lobe technology which is proven to be quieter than the older bi-lobe technology used in many ROOTS-type blowers.

We have a small stock of new RNT blowers available for purchase in our UK workshop.

Vacuum Applications

Pedro Gil manufactures a range of vacuum units capable of reaching -500 and -800 mbarG respectively. With an in-built pre-inlet cooling system, these units do not require additional external cooling mechanisms. Pedro Gil also manufactures vacuum boosters and dry screw vacuum machines to complement their extensive portfolio.

Viable Alternatives

Where suitable, we can offer Pedro Gil RNT machines to replace more expensive or longer lead time machines; some blowers RNT blowers classed as direct replacements due to the carefully selected dimensions and performance.


High Quality, Precision Design

The state-of-the-art factory ensures that all machines are prevision manufactured and every machine is quality checked, undergoing a full load works test prior to leaving the factory for added peace of mind.

European Manufacture

All Pedro Gil blowers officially sold to the European market are manufactured in Europe, maintaining a healthy trade relation with our European neighbours and taking advantage of the duty-free trade agreement for EU products entering the UK market.


Ask for a product brochure for more information.