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Blower Hire

Reduce Downtime

Often when placing an order for a new blower; or deciding which setup you require can take time.

If you are replacing a damaged machine, then the downtime can be costly if you do not have a standby unit available on site; in these instances a blower hire can be a good option.

We have a range of refurbished bare-shaft blowers and blower sets which we can assemble with a variety of motors available for hire.

Stand By Blowers

Hire blowers and packages can be used in place of a standby unit to ensure you have access to a working spare should you be concerned about your current blower’s reliability.



They can also be a useful trial tool to see if you are happy with the blower before purchasing a new one.

Operational Cover

A hire blower can provide operational cover whilst your blower is being repaired, or whilst awaiting a delivery of a new machine.

Our selection of available hire blowers are part of the same pool of blowers which we can offer as a service exchange. To read more about our service exchange option, click here.

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