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Blower Package Refurbishment


Baratti blower package sent in for refurbishment.
Motor and silencers were badly corroded, acoustic panels missing with those present suffering irreversible wear and damage, blower seized requiring a complete overhaul.


Over the years we have  refurbished customer package units that are tired and worn. This can include the following to suit your requirements, timescale and budget:

  • Full overhaul of the bare-shaft blower
  • Testing motor, refurb or replacement
  • Replacing inlet and discharge silencers where required
  • New inlet
  • Refubish or replacement of non-return valve and associated pipework
  • Refurbish or replacement of relief valve
  • New drive components
  • Refurbish or replace acoustic panels
  • Replacement of gauges and indicators and associated piping
  • Supply of new anti-vibration mounts
  • Replace ventilation fan


Blower repair including manufacture of parts unavailable from the manufacturer. New motor, fan, non-return valve, pressure relief valve, AV-mounts, gauges and drive coupling supplied and fitted. New inlet and discharge silencers, and new acoustic enclosure manufactured to suit.

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