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Refurbished Blowers

Our refurbished blowers are available for service exchange and hire.
Some of our refurbished blowers are available for out-right purchase, please contact us to discuss you needs.

Aerzen | GM Range

The Aerzen GM range of bare-shaft blowers is the new tri-lobe version of their old GMa range of machines which has improved efficiency and noise reduction.

There are 22 standard sizes in the range from GM 3S to GM 1080L
Airflow ranges from around 0.5m3/min to 1083m3/min though we do not stock the largest sizes.

Aerzen | GMa/b Range

The Aerzen GMa range of bare-shaft blowers, variation in model names include GMa, GMb, GMc and GLa, GLb, GLc

There are 32 standard sizes in the range from GMa 10.0 to GMc 21.33 with intake volumes from 0.5 m3/min to 1400 m3/min
We do not stock the larger sizes.

Holmes | HR Range

The HR; also known as the HR80 range of blowers are robust bi-lobed blowers which are manufactured to be universally orientated.
No need to order specifically timed, directional blowers. These machines are easily rehanded to suit various installations.

There are 23 standard sizes in the range from HR 10 to HR 73

Airflow ranges from around 2.1 m3/min to 620 m3/min

Hick Hargreaves | 4000, 4200

Hick Hargreaves produced an array of industrial machinery; amongst them were there air blowers. Over the years there have been redesigns and rebrand attempts but the core machine remains the same and the bilobe blowers are generally interchangeable.

The blowers a no longer manufactured so only second-hand machines are available. And as machines are scrapped, parts are more difficult to find and replacement options are scarce.

There are 12 standard sizes in the range from 4042 (4242) to 4084 (4284)

Airflow ranges from around 6.7 m3/min to 150 m3/min

XLP | Scirocco | Trinado

Originally called the XLP, or "Extra Low Pulse" blower is a tri-lobe machine. Redesigned into the drop-in replacement Trinado and Scircco blowers, the model number remain the same.

There are 10 standard sizes in the range from N10 to the 408.

Airflow ranges from around 5.9 - 237 m3/min

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