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Aerzen - GM

Core Refurbished Blower Stock

We try to maintain stock levels of the following popular sizes

GM 10S
GM 15L
GM 25S
GM 30L
GM 35S
GM 50L

subject to sale and demand



GM 3S    |    GM 4S    |    GM 7L

GM 10S    |    GM 15L

GM 25S    |    GM 30L

GM 35S    |    GM 50L

GM 60S    |    GM 80L

GM 90S    |    GM 130L

GM 150S    |    GM 220L

GM 240S    |    GM315L


The refurbished Aerzen GM blowers we stock are all:

Left Hand Shaft | Vertical Airflow |
Anti-Clockwise Rotation | Top Inlet

These is the standard offered by the manufacturer.


What orientation is your blower?

Blower Specifications

From the manufacturer:

Robust 3-lobe blower stage for plant engineering. Suitable for a wide range of applications. Available as standard in 22 sizes (GM 3 S to GM 1080 L).


Blower with 3-lobe rotors and two cast-in preinlet channels in the discharge-sided cylinder part to minimize the sound by pulsation reduction.

Housing ribbed and air-cooled.

Up to GM 80 L the feet at the blower are bolted on, larger sizes are cast on.

The blower bearings and gears are oil lubricated with internal splash discs.


Cylinder (air housing): Cast Iron GG20
Headplates (bearing housing): Cast Iron GG20
Oil Sumps: Cast Iron GG20

Helical timing gears made of 16 Mn Cr 5E.

GM 3S to GM 80L
Impellers (complete shaft and rotor lobes): C 45 N

GM 90S to GM 130L
Impellers (complete shaft and rotor lobes): EN-GJS-500-7 (GGG50).

GM 150S to GM 1080L
Impellers made of EN-GJS-400-15 (GGG40)


The drive shaft outlet is sealed with a radial lip seal.

Internally, the oil sumps are sealed from the air chamber (housing) by way of piston sealing rings.

S and A Engineering Services Ltd are not affiliated with Aerzen Machines.

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