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What is a service exchange blower?

An exchange blower is simply a refurbished blower that we have on our shelf ready and waiting.

These blowers can be exchanged with your current machine to reduce down time on site. Your old blower becomes our stock: we repair it and place it back on our shelf for the next time someone needs a quick turnaround.

Service Exchange blowers provide a quick and often cost effective solution to expensive breakdowns and production loss.

When might I need an exchange blower?

No spare on site

When a blower has failed or needs repairing but there is no spare available on site*.

Subject to availability, we can supply a refurbished service exchange blower to install in its place.

This option greatly reduces the downtime and costs incurred due to loss of production.

The repair does not fit within time constraints

A customer may send (or plan to send) a repair to us; however, certain factors such as the availability of parts or workshop scheduling may increase the repair lead-time beyond the time scale which the customer can accept.

In these instances a refurbished blower can be supplied and we would retain the blower that was sent in for repair to replace it.

Can I exchange my blower?

We accept most like-for-like blowers as exchange machines.

Blowers sent in to us must be repairable and the integrity of the blower’s major components is the deciding factor.
Broken drive shafts, broken or excessively worn impellers, cracked major castings such as the impeller casing and bearing housings, particularly on obsolete machines will render the machine 'not repairable'
If you know that your blower has any of the above damage, please contact us and we will explore what we can do to help.


We aim to stock a wide range of refurbished blowers to suit as many customer requirements as possible.
Due to the nature of the service exchange process, our ready-built stock levels do vary subject to demand.

We have a page of common blowers that we usually stock; levels fluctuate more often than the webpage can be updated so please call to check availability; whether the machine you require is present on the website or not.
If the blower you require is not available, we may be able to select an alternative to suit your requirements, so please have additional information to hand if this is something you are interested in.

* it is not recommended to rely upon a service exchange machine instead of having a spare onsite; especially if the blower is critical to production.

Due to the nature of service exchange stock, we may not be able to fulfil your order if the machine has recently been exchanged and/or is yet to be refurbished. It is always recommended that you have your own spare.

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