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Sales and supply

Are you a member of a stores management company in need of a reliable source for your customer’s blower-related requests?

Do you specialise in another field and one of your best customers is reporting a problem with their blower and you want to do your best to help?

Or do you use blowers in your business and are struggling to find someone to call upon for help or parts?

We have a wide range of customers who all rely on our expertise and knowledge to source parts, replacement blowers and ancillary items.

Obsolete blowers; like much of the Hick Hargreaves range, pose a dilemma when they need replacing. We have extensive technical database for many blowers so are in a position to guide you if you need to replace your current machine based on your specific requirements.

Blower Packages

Blowers can be supplied bare-shaft or as a complete set mounted on a base with an electric motor, appropriate drive, filters, silencers, and safety valves.

A complete pacakge is sometimes required if your current unit has seen better days: deterioration of the ancillary parts attached to the blower can jeopardise the lifespan of the unit, affect production and can cause failure.


Packages can also be a appropriate option if you need to retro-fit a different blower that will not fit within your current package; this is common with compact packages.
Or where the replacement blowers are either no longer manufactured, are on an unreasonably long lead time or outside of your budget. You may be surprised to find that the price for some complete packages are comparable to the cost of a new bare-shaft blower if you are open to exploring alternative manufacturers.

We can source complete package units, whether you require a completely new unit for a new project or system process or a new unit to replace your tired machine.

Where desired and possible we will look to replace like-for-like for minimal distruption to your current layout.
Where this is not possible, we will look for the best alternative for your situation.

We also offer package unit refurbishment. This is suitable if you have duty / stand by setups, inactive units, or are able to cover the duty with a hire package whilst the unit is being overhauled.

Pedro Gil

We are the official aftersales office for the Spanish blower manufacturer,
Pedro Gil SL.

We are an independent company so will always aim to suggest solutions that are right for you regardless of our status with Pedro Gil.

That being said, the Pedro Gil range of trilobe blowers are excellently priced, high quality and on a fair lead time.

We stock a select number of new machines here at our workshop in Greater Manchester, UK for your convenience.

Air Filters

Damaged or missing filters can let contaminants into a blower that may build up and reduce the tolerances within the machine; this can eventually cause seizure of the machine. Damaged filters could even let in a foreign objects which can result in a costly repairs or completely write off a blower.

Dirty and clogged filters will reduce the efficiency of your blower and can cause it to overheat and seize. Overheating seizures can be minor but can also crack the major castings; turning into an expensive repair. This sort of damage is often not visible until the machine has been dismantled.

The cost of a filter is minor and well worth stocking to prevent unnecessary repairs and downtime. Air filters come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. We have a database of the common filters fitted to many blowers and can help you to identify the one you need to keep your blower running optimally.

A clean, functioning air filter will help keep your blower in good running order and checking the filter and cleaning or replacing as necessary should be part of your preventative maintenance regime.


Non-return valves; also known as check valves, prevent backflow from your system passing back into your blower.

A missing or faulty non-return valve which allows contaminents back into the blower and discharge silencer can cause blower seizure and present a potential fire hazard.

The non-return valve should also be operational and not be seized shut. A closed non-return valve will not allow air through, forcing the blower to run against the dead-end, causing excessive pressure, overheating and eventual seizure.

Relief valves, safety valves, pressure release valves, vacuum relief valves all function similarly to prevent excessive pressure (or vacuum) from accumulating beyond the blower’s capabilities.

Some relief valves fitted as standard by manufacturers can be on a very long lead time so it is important to make sure you have stock or can get hold of the valve you need should yours stops functioning correctly.

Unloading valves are typically used on water treatment applications and are designed to allow the blower to build up to pressure rather than immediately working against a 'solid' head of water.