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On Site Services

We offer a variety of on-site services, maintenance solutions and service plans to meet your requirements.

Blower service

A typical blower service includes:

A blower service can be scheduled ad hoc, yearly, or several times a year to meet your requirements and based on the working history of the machine..

Routine Maintenance

For local sites, we offer a routine maintenance option where one of our engineers take on the usual maintenance tasks of your blowers including:

  • Oil level checks
  • Grease and/or oil application
  • Filter condition monitoring and changes
  • Plus a full inspection once or twice a year to suit your needs

More robust plans can include a scheduled overhaul of each blower on rotation to ensure maximum efficiency of the blowers. This is an effective preventative measure against blower failure reducing the likelihood of costly breakdowns and loss of production..


On-Site Investigations

Along with service and maintenance, we can investigate issues you may be experiencing with your machine that you are unable to resolve by using our troubleshooting guide or looking through our frequently asked questions.

Contracted Overhaul and Changeover

Prevention is better than the cure; removing a blower for overhaul is much more cost and time effective than repairing a blower once it has failed.

Our overhaul procedure follows the same process as a repair: read more here.

We can offer a changeover and overhaul service: an engineer will attend site and swap out your blower with a spare unit. The spare could be from your own store or our service exchange stock. This decommissioned blower is then repaired and returned to stock.


Site Surveys and Condition Reports

An S and A Engineering Services technician can visit your site to survey the blowers and blower related ancillaries, provide condition reports, asset lists, and suggest appropriate maintenance plans. The technician will also warn of any issues that could occur unless an action is taken.

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