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Blower Repairs

At S and A Engineering Services Ltd we have provided professional blower and airlock repairs since 1995. We are the UK’s trusted blower repair and supply specialists, serving small 1-person enterprises, to international blue-chip corporations and even blower manufacturers.

Blower is seized, damaged or due a routine overhaul?
Our specialist workshop will look to repair your blower or suggest alternatives to suit lead-time and budget.

We are the official aftermarket agents for Pedro Gil and can repair their blowers right here in the UK as well as supplying OEM machines and parts.
Existing Pedro Gil customers: see here for more information.


We always replace bearings and lip seals with new as part of our standard repair process. Whilst some repair companies don't do this to keep costs down, we believe that replacing these vital wearing parts guarantees our repairs will last longer and result in less down time.


Reduce the number of times your machine needs repairing or replacing.

Catching potential problems early will keep you one step ahead.
Good Maintenance is key.


Buy refurbished blowers with a fair warranty rather than new.
Not only are you giving a new lease of life to an old machine, they are cheaper and may be on a quicker leadtime than a new blower.

Our refurb and repair warranties match many manufacturer's new blower guarantees.


Repair your machinery using a trusted repair company.
Ensure that the quality of the repair is to the highest standard so that you know that the machine will last.

The longer a blower runs, the better for your process, your pocket and the environment.


In terms of sustainability, recycling is the last resort:
if the machine cannot be repaired: ensuring that disposal makes the least impact on the environment is a must. We recycle as many components as possible, whether refurbishing or sending recycleable parts to a registered sorter..

If we are unable to repair a machine due to severe damage, we can scrap the machine for you and can offer a small discount on a new or refurbished machine that you purchase through us.
Our scrap is handled by a registered local waste disposal company so you can rest assured that you are having the least impact, and saving the money and miles associated with shipping the damaged machine back to your site.

Blower Repair Process


Dismantle and Inspect

When you send your blower to our workshop for repair, one of our professional blower technicians will inspect the machine for significant damage.
If we suspect that the machine could be damaged beyond repair at this point; we will inform you as soon as possible to avoid the nominal inspection fees involved with a full disassembly.

Our inspections include a 20-point minimum inspection process where the blower is fully dismantled, all major parts are inspected, clearances measured where possible, internal component condition checked, and possible cause of failure established so that preventative measures can be put in place to avoid future disruption to your business.


Report and Quote

Once the blower has been inspected and any relevant parts and remedial work has been priced: we will send you a report with our findings and make recommendations to restore the blower to working capacity and within OEM tolerances.

If we find that the price is high, or lead-time long then we may suggest alternatives such as a new or refurbished blower, a hire unit or service exchange to suit your requirements and subject to availability.

The machine is stored at our workshop until you provide us with an order; this eliminates the risk of parts becoming lost or damaged in transit.


Order is processed

A typical repair / overhaul consists of all parts being cleaned of rust and product build up, replacing the usual wearing items including bearings and seals.
Parts recommended on our report are replaced and remedial work carried on our parts deemed to be worn beyond acceptable limits.

The gears and rotary lobes are timed, internal clearances set and finally finished, primed and painted and a 21-point quality control check prior to packing.

Alternatively, the blower can be returned* in a dismantled condition if you do not wish to proceed.


Inform you of completion

Once the blower repair has been completed and painted, we will contact you to arrange delivery to you or your customer, or you may wish to arrange your own collection from our premises.




* Please note that a dismantle and inspection fee will be charged if the machine is returned or collected in a dismantled condition, along with any collection and delivery fees incurred by us.
This fee is nominal and partially covers our labour cost: if you wish to know inspection fee prior to sending your machine to us, please do contact us.
This inspection fee is covered in the overall repair cost and will not charged extra if the repair proceeds.
If you decide not to proceed with the repair and surrender the machine to us, we can often reduce the inspection cost. Please ask for more details.

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