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Core Refurbished Blower Stock

We try to maintain stock levels of the following popular sizes

HR 11
HR 12
HR 13
HR 21
HR 23
HR 32
HR 33
HR 41

subject to sale and demand


HR 10   |   HR 11   |   HR 12   |   HR 13

HR 20   |   HR 21   |   HR 22   |   HR 23

HR 31   |   HR 32   |   HR 33

HR 41   |   HR 42   |   HR 43

HR 51   |   HR 52   |   HR 53

HR 61   |   HR 62   |   HR 63

HR 71   |   HR 72   |   HR 73


Bottom Shaft
Generally Stocked as Bottom Shaft for space saving
Bottom Shaft | Horizontal Airflow | Universal Directional Rotation

Right Hand Shaft
Common installation - easily rehanded from Bottom shaft
Right Hand Shaft | Horizontal Airflow | Universal Directional Rotation


The HR range of blowers are timed equally and so offer orientational flexibility.

All sizes up to HR 43 can be rehanded to suit your requirements.

What orientation is your blower?

Blower Specifications

The HR range of  blowers are globally renowned for high performance, efficiency, reliability and long product life cycle.

Originally created by WC Holmes in the early 1900s, the blower passed into the ownership of Peabody Holmes who rebranded it the HR80 in the 1980s. From it's conception to now, the HR blower has changed little and remains a popular robust machine to this day.


Timed so that all blowers up to size HR 43 can be rehanded and rotated in either direction without the need to completely dismantle the machine; allowing supreme flexibility and greater stock availability.

The carefully calculated impellers feature 2 lobes which can be supplied capped (sealed) on request.

Substantially sized shafts and taper mounted gears (negating keyways) ensures the impellers maintain good integrity.

Up to size HR 33, the bearings are lubricated by grease as standard, oil lubrication is available on request.
The non-drive end bearings and gears are oil lubricated and feature an oil reservoir for the gears.


HR 10 to HR 33
Cylinder (air housing): Cast Iron
Headplates (bearing housing): Cast Iron
Gear Sump: Aluminium
Impellers: Ductile iron with integral shafts


The drive shaft outlet is sealed with a radial lip seal.

Internally, the lubrication sumps are separated from the air chamber by an 'air gap'; greatly reducing the likelihood of lubrication entering the oil-free cavity.

At the gear end, an arrangement of sealing parts are used in place of lip seals.

S and A Engineering Services Ltd are not affiliated with Holmes, WC Holmes, Peabody Holmes etc.

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