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XLP, Scirocco, Trinado

Core Refurbished Blower Stock

At time of posting, we currently have the following available

Trinado 108

subject to sale and demand


N10   |   N08

110   |   108

210   |   208

310   |   308

410   |   408


Bottom Shaft
Generally Stocked as Bottom Shaft for space saving
Bottom Shaft | Horizontal Airflow

Left Hand Shaft
Common installation - easily rehanded from Bottom shaft
Left Hand Shaft | Horizontal Airflow


The Trinado and Scirocco range of blowers can be rehanded to suit your requirements.

What orientation is your blower?

Blower Specifications

The XLP : eXtra Low Pulse blowers was developed using Whispair® technology.


The blower is deisgned to recirculate airflow to control pressure equalisation; reducing pulsation resulting in reduced noise resonation.

The newer versions of the machien can be installed in horizontal or vertical positions; requiring only simple modifications, allowing for more versitility.

Oil lubricated at both the drive and gear ends.


Sizes N, 1 - 4
Cylinder (air housing): Cast Iron
Headplates (bearing housing): Cast Iron
Impellers: Ductile iron with integral shafts



The drive shaft outlet is sealed with a radial lip seal.

Internally, the lubrication sumps are separated from the air chamber by an 'air gap'; greatly reducing the likelihood of lubrication entering the oil-free cavity.

A combination of oil throwers and sealing rings seperating the oil sump from the air gap which reduces the maintenance usually associated with traditional lip seals.


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